Hey, I'm Conner, and I'm a Software Developer turned Engineering Leader based in Toronto. I fell in love with coding as a child, teaching myself how to use the power of code to solve problems and bring my ideas to reality. It's been an important part of my life ever since.

Currently, I am an Engineering Leader at Universe (acquired by Ticketmaster) in Toronto, where I have worked with a talented and diverse team in a range of problem spaces and technologies. I'm helping grow and develop our organization's structure and culture to support our incredibly talented team.

As an early employee, I've helped Universe grow from a scrappy startup with less than ten employees to a global leader in the experiences market with offices around the world. There, I've collaborated with a worldwide team of developers, designers, product managers, and salespeople to find pragmatic solutions to a range of problems, within both the independent structure of Universe as well as the global Ticketmaster organization. As a technical leader, I evangelize new technologies and help with hiring decisions, interviewing candidates and promoting growth.

I've led several important technical projects at Universe, including both domestic and international integrations with Ticketmaster, vital financial systems, search engines and more. I've championed the adoption of new technologies - such as building some of the first projects at Universe in Rust and Elixir, allowing us to solve some significant technical problems in ways previously not possible.

I've been developing software for over a decade, since teaching myself as a child. While in high school, I ran a software development consulting company, working with businesses based in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. I released several hit web games before graduating high school, collectively played hundreds of thousands of times globally. In my teens I also had a well-reviewed app on the (then new) Android App Market and had a top featured app on the Blackberry App World.

I have experience with Ruby, Javascript, and C# and have worked extensively with Rails, Ember, React, Redux, ElasticSearch, and Unity. I have built projects in Elixir, Rust, Node, Python, Java, ActionScript 3, and PHP.