Recent Projects

ImageTune (JS, 2019)

ImageTune takes image files, and handles resize and conversion in the browser prior to upload, saving server processing time and storage space while reducing upload times.

I created this project because many websites seem to have issues uploading images, notably as the quality and resolution of smartphone cameras has improved many websites enforced 10mb image limits are no longer viable. I found a few sites wouldn't accept uploads from my iPhone because the camera photos are just too large.

This project allows people to select high-resolution files directly from their phone or computer, but only uploads a web-appropriate size and format, saving bandwidth, cutting upload times and reducing the image processing load on servers.

Unannounced App (Swift, 2018-present)

Unannounced Website (Phoenix, 2018-present)

Unannounced Game (Unity, 2018-present)

Posthuman (Unity, 2017-2018)

Posthuman is a 2D space game concept involving building custom spaceships from components scavenged from the battlefield.

It included custom 2D lighting shaders that gave the game a unique feeling of grittiness and realism, despite its 2D setting.

Click here to see Posthuman poster and concept art.

Posthuman game screenshot

Posthuman game screenshot

Posthuman game screenshot

Robot Vacuum Sim (Unity, 2017)

Robot Vacuum Sim was a game concept I worked on briefly involving a robotic vacuum avenging it's owner's death after rolling over a handgun.

Robot sim game screenshot

Robot sim game screenshot

Robot sim game screenshot

Unannounced Game (Unity, 2017)

Forklift Game (Unreal Engine, 2016)

Forklift party game where players had to operate overpowered forklifts to complete party games.

Forklift game screenshot

ThousandWords (JS, 2014-present)

ThousandWords is a browser-based image cropper and resizer.