Skyrider is a iOS game created in 2014.

An homage to retro arcade games of the past, everything in Skyrider is made to look like a vintage arcade game. From the colour palette to the sound effects, the game is meant to feel nostalgic.

The game mixes a simple control scheme with unforgiving gameplay that punishes even the slightest mistake. Avoid the walls, shoot the enemies and try to get a high score before you inevitably die.

I made the game in my spare time over the period of a couple of days, using photoshop to create the pixely buttons and characters.


Wompit is a local discovery engine.

Wompit reinvents the online classifieds field. It offers excellent design, easy interfaces while offering truly local search.

I developed, designed and marketed this startup. I created the best possible user experience, trying to make local search both fast and easy. Reducing spam through both programming and design solutions was a top priority as well.

Finding ways to change people's behaviour in how they react to online classifieds was key to disrupting the market. Wompit shook up the traditional way classifieds work. Reducing anonymity, increasing the community focus and putting images and simplicity first.



Mothly was a 2013 hackathon project.

I created Mothly with a partner over a 36 hour period during a hackathon. While it didn't win, it was met with great enthusiasm by the judges (including judges from Freshbooks, Shopify, Microsoft and Blackberry).



2945 was a 2011 Blackberry Playbook game.

I created the game for the Blackberry Playbook. It featured an intuitive touch control system playing off of the classic asteroid gametype. I mixed in an evolution mode for the enemies and a modern graphic interface. It was featured in the Blackberry App World in August 2011.


More examples and information available upon request, including information on past work for agencies. Don't hesitate to email me!