Conner Fritz

Conner Fritz

I'm a Software Engineer at Universe (acquired by Ticketmaster). I love good code, great experiences, cool technology and Diet Coke.

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“First solve the problem, then write the code.” John Johnson

I'm an established full stack developer with experience building both front and back-end systems, designing databases and managing servers.

I've worked with a many languages like Ruby, Python, Java, Objective C, JavaScript, Lua and PHP. Along the way I've picked up many tools and frameworks like Rails, Symfony, Bootstrap, jQuery and Node. I've also designed and managed MySQL and MongoDB databases. I've setup Apache and NGINX servers and worked with Passenger.

I like to take part in hackathons. I find they are great ways to brush up on my skills and fantastic opportunities to experiment with new languages/tools.

I'm always learning new things and expanding my knowledge. Working with new languages or different tools is a great way to change the way you approach problems. This makes you a better problem solver and programmer.



“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Steve Jobs

I love good design and I love creating beautiful things. Attention to detail, simplicity and providing excellent experiences are at the top of my design priorities. To me, the best designs are the simple ones, the ones most users won't notice apart from the experience they provide.

I've designed interfaces and experiences for websites, apps, games and video. My favourite tools are Photoshop and Sketch, though I've worked with software including Illustrator, After Effects and Maya.

I think design principles apply to everything, whether it's the controls of a game or the code I write. Simplicity, avoiding waste and keeping things simple can improve all aspects of life and work.

I love pixel art. I believe it's a great way to train your brain to think simply and break things down to what's necessary, thanks to the limited canvas. I believe the principles can apply to all forms of design, learning to strip away what's unnecessary and get down to what's important.



“The only way to win is to learn faster than anyone else.” Eric Ries

I love startups. The agility, the passion and the community all inspire me. I've both worked for and operated them. The idea of creating something new, having it used and loved by millions and (hopefully) changing the world is intoxicating.

I have experience both leading and working for startups of various sizes. I find the experience startups provide unparalleled in its broadness. On a smaller team, it allows greater creative freedom and personal growth.

I like startups because I can learn by trying new things. With startups I have been able to build experience in marketing, social media management, SEO, networking and of course development and design.

I have experience managing both teams and products, issuing tasks and overseeing the big picture of a project. I am also an excellent team player and have worked in a variety of team settings, both in and outside of startups.